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Email: TSFC@gmx.com
Jack Hughes 07938 676314.
Jason Ball 07719 225965.
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Wednesday evenings:
Ages 11-16.

Halberton Village Hall
18 High St, Halberton, EX16 7AF.

Saturday mornings:
All ages.
Tiverton Pannier Market,
Tiverton, EX16 6NH.

About Fencing

Fencing is an exciting sport, training both mind and body to develop your skills and confidence in agility, dexterity, focus and tactics. Skills and experience count for more than size and strength. Many veteran fencers can beat younger or more agile opponents by using the skills and tactics they know from years of experience!

The three disciplines in the modern Olympic sport of fencing are Épée, Foil and Sabre – each sword has a different design and target area on the body, which require different fencing styles. Bouts are always keenly fought and the action can be extremely fast, but the rules demand respect and fencers always finish politely with a salute.

Try a taster sesson or a beginners course with Tiverton Swords, and discover fencing first-hand.


You may find the following useful:

Buying fencing kit 

Fencing equipment and clothing suppliers include:
Leon Paul | PBT UK Fencing | Blades
| Excalibur Sports | Sword Price Fighter | The Fencing Shop | Favero

Please ask for advice from the Head Coach before buying your own equipment. We might be able to get a coach discount!
  • Check BF and FIE rules - make sure anything you buy will comply with the latest rules and safety standards.
  • Fencing masks are NOT standard sizes between different manufacturers. One supplier's small may be another's medium.
  • Lamé jackets - don't try to save money with cheap ones!
  • Plastrons - you'll need Level 2, 800N, for electric fencing.

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